1. About NoteGrids

    NoteGrids are a tool for collecting and connecting objects of thought (in this case, words). They are used by DJs of Thought to sample and remix knowledge.

    • To read some direct statements about these ideas, see “Statements
    • To see lots of words and patterns you can use to remix meaning, see “Scores
    • To see where this might be going, see “Directions
    • To learn about some actions you can take to make use of these ideas, see “Actions
    • To see NoteGrids that sample and remix other sources, see “Words From

    Got a text you’d like me to remix? Send me a link.

    To learn more about my work, visit www.therealadamgood.com.

    All of the NoteGrids are available under a Creative Commons license over on Flickr.

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